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5 Non-touristy Things to Do in Venice

a group of people standing in front of Piazza San Marco

With a ridiculous number of things to do, and an obscene millions of tourists, it’s a great idea to be a well-organized tourist while looking for non-touristy things to do in Venice. The Venice City Tours app has itineraries to bring you on self-guided tours of to all the mega tourist spots in Venice, and also less famous but just as beautiful sites. A classic place to visit in Venice is Piazza San Marco.

1. Piazza San Marco from a new point of view

Mind-blowing, spectacular, under water again, etcetera, Piazza San Marco. But most of all how did they do that? It’s like the Piazza is floating in a lagoon. Venice has a lot of questions to answer, but Piazza San Marco is one of the most beautiful. Take a self-guided walking tour with the Venice City Tour app and find out about Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Campanile, and the Doge’s Palace. Piazza San Marco is so famous it even has the honors of being vandalized by Napoleon in 1797 when he swiped the four horses of San Marco and had them sent back to Paris.

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2. What the Doge?

Having visited Piazza San Marco with our self-guided walking tour, you could visit the Doge’s Palace. Doge is one of those words that’s impossible to translate into English satisfactorily but is fun to talk about. This guided tour of the Doge’s Palace / Palazzo Ducale is even more interesting than arguing about Duke, Duca, or Doge. Our tour guide will lead you through the political and cultural center of ancient Venice, an in-depth non touristy day out in Venice.

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3. Eat and drink Venice local

We include the most important places, historical and cultural, to go to in Venice. And that’s why our Venice City Tour app will bring you to . . . the BAR. Well, that’s what the sign on the outside says, it’s near Ponte de Chiodo and is a favorite Venetian local. Great wine, delicious snacks, chilling out by the canal with the locals – but you’ll have to download our app to find out the name of the bar . . .. just joking it’s: A La Vecia Papussa. But you’ll find it quicker with our app!

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4. There are actually lots of other islands?!

One of the best things about Venice is buzzing around on the bus boats (and there’s a self-guided tour for that). So, exploring the other islands around Venice makes sense because you live the local boat transport. Tour around the islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello, or even l’isola di San Michele. Take a self-guided tour of all the three islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello, which may seem like a logistical nightmare, but that’s made simple with our app.

If you are looking for absolute tranquility, you could go to L’isola di San Michele. This island is kind of like a gigantic cemetery and includes seven World War 1 graves. Famous people buried here include Igor Stravinsky, the Russian Composer; Ezra Pound, the weird American poet; and Christian Andreas Doppler, the guy who came up with the Doppler Effect! A self-guided tour to this cemetery island could be a very interesting non touristy thing to do in Venice, and a nice break of tranquility from hectic Venice. Also, possible to do the tour at night – but that could be a bit creepy.

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5. Tour Venice by boat: Venice Grand Canal Treasures Boat Tour

Tour Venice Venetian style – on the local bus transport number 1. As this boat slowly drifts down the Grand Canal you experience Venice from a unique perspective. The 4km long Grand Canal showcases up to 200 of the most splendid buildings in Venice. And our audio guide in the Venice City Tour app will automatically explain 24 works of art in the open-air museum of Venice. The app’s high-quality commentary is available in eight different languages. Take in Venice at your own laid-back pace by day or night, without all the tourists… the Grand Canal Treasures Boat Tour includes the boat ticket.

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Enjoying non touristy things to do in Venice with Venice City Tours App

Venice City Tour’s self-guided walking tour app is the best way to enjoy many non-touristy things to do in Venice. If, just for a day or two, you want to avoid places jammed with tourists, and mega queues that go on forever and go nowhere, take a self-guided tour with our Venice City Tour app. The app brings you to all the most famous places in Venice, but also the lesser well known, just as amazing things to see.