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Burano Island and Museo del Merletto

a large body of water with a city in the background

Burano Island

a boat sitting on top of a building

Burano Island is, next to the almost unpopulated Torcello, the one truly inhabitated centre of the northern lagoon. Known for its brightly coloured houses, it too was founded by refugees from the mainland escaping the barbarian invaders. It is far enough from Venice that the people of Burano feel like Buranei more than Venetians, and still strongly hold onto their accent, distinctly different from Venetian, and just as proudly they guard and promote their century-old traditions, first and foremost that of lace-making.

Museo del Merletto

a group of people in front of a stone building

Burano is, like the rest of the Lagoon centre, an island of fishermen, who were used to making and repairing nets; from this custom, some say comes the art of lace-making, for which Burano is famous. Like many Venetian productsBurano lace became a coveted luxury in Europe and a great source of income for the Venetian Republic. Among the many celebrities who coveted Burano’s fine, elegant lace patterns and shapes was King Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, who was crowned wearing a Burano lace collar, which apparently took two years to complete. The Museo del Merletto in Piazza Galuppi traces the history and techniques of lace-making, and the impact it has had on European fashion throughout the ages.

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