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a train crossing a bridge over a river

You cannot leave Venice without having admired the city from another perspective, without filling your eyes with the sight of magnificent buildings reflected on the canals, of dusk light floating on water, you can’t  leave Venice without experiencing the magic and the relaxation of a gondola ride.

The Roles of the Gondola

a boat parked on the side of a building

Despite its considerable length, the gondola is an easy handle boat thanks to the flat bottom and slightly submerged hull, it is also suitable for narrow canals. Along the canals is very usual to hear the voices of the gondoliers that with their typical calls warn other colleagues who are turning into a narrow stream. Currently, the gondola is used primarily for transportation of tourists, but also for celebrations such as weddings.

Some of the largest gondolas, called “gondolòni”, are also used as a ferry crossing the Grand Canal from shore to shore. These “gondolas” are bigger and guided by two gondoliers, one aft and one forward.
Another role of the gondola is as a sportboat, for example during the Historical Regatta: on these occasions using two smaller paddlers gondolas, called “gondolini”.

Take a gondola ride gives you a totally different city view. Gondola will help you discover new and fascinating glimpses of Venice, picturesque corners, corners that can be viewed only from the water.

Venetian Waterways by Gondola

Furthermore, your gondolier will surely entertain you with stories and anecdotes of his hometown and answer with pleasure and kindness to all your curiosities.
You could also have the opportunity to be accompanied by characteristic musicians and singers livening your ride with typical Italian songs.

If you are on holiday in Venice you cannot miss a gondola ride!

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