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Venetian Craftsmen Workshop

Masks, Food, Glass & More! | Discover Venetian Craftsmanship!

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Private Group (from 1 to 6 people)

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This tour takes you to the exclusive Venetian Ateliers and shows you how the most famous traditional products are created! Over the centuries, Venice has provided superior quality handmade products that were exported all over the world for the use of the privileged few. Jump into the traditional craftsmanship of Venice, discovering those products that have made the city famous all over the world!

Today the simple word “Venice” still conjures up an atmosphere of sensuous luxury, sophisticated elegance and myriad joyful tactile and visual sensations.
Far from the beaten tracks, discover the pearls of Venice’s top handcraft tradition: velvets, brocades, marbleized paper, books and leather bindings, Papier-mâché Carnival masks, gold and silver jewelry, beads and other wonders await you.

The itinerary is not fixed, giving you the freedom to choose exactly what you want to see or to do, normally choosing on your own approximately 2/3 activities.