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  • Great For Families!

Create Your Own Mask – Decoration course

Learn from a Venetian master artisan! | Great for all ages!

Quick Details

Adult (Ages 12+)
Child (Ages 0-11)

Make a Mask for Carnival

Create your own Venetian mask is an artistic and handcrafted experience, which will make you live the leading role of Venetian Carnival preparations!
In this unforgettable activity, a Venetian master artisan will explain to you the traditional art of mask making and their ancient history. Spend one-hour decoration or production course with Giorgio and feel as a firsthand active participant of this incredible experience, right in the heart of Venice!

Who is Giorgio?

a person sitting at a table

Giorgio is an expert mask-making artisan based in Venice. Well, he is not simply based in Venice, he is a true Venetian like his ancient mastery!  His traditional style Atelier will lead you in a different dimension of experience! Giorgio and his family carry out one of the most antique and fascinating arts of Venice, the mask making. Taking part in his courses you will immediately notice his incredible skills and lovable passion of who is pursuing a four-generation artisanal activity. Create your own mask and discover Giorgio’s artisan secrets!

Mask decoration course

Giorgio, the mask artisan in his Atelier close to Saint Mark’s Square.

The professional and artisan mask creator and decorator Giorgio will make your firsthand experience truly unforgettable! He will teach you in a funny way how to paint and decorate your own mask. The participants will choose a mask to be decorated during the course and at the end of the class lesson, they will keep their own colorful creations as a very special souvenir to bring back home.

Mask production course

Your instructor will explain to you the ancient technique of making a Venetian paper-mâché mask providing information about the use of masks in Venice during the past centuries. The participants at the end of the class hour will keep their masks as a very special souvenir to bring back home. In this case of the mask production, the customer will return to Giorgio’s laboratory after 6 hours to collect the mask correctly dry. The created mask will not be decorated.

The price refers to the single production or decoration course. In case of bookings of both courses the price will be double.