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Trip Planning

5 Non-touristy Things to Do in Venice

a group of people standing in front of Piazza San Marco

With a ridiculous number of things to do, and an obscene millions of tourists, it’s a great idea to be a well-organized tourist while looking for non-touristy things to do in Venice. The Venice City Tours app has itineraries to bring you on self-guided tours of to all the mega tourist spots in Venice, and…

How to Pick the Right Venice Self-Guided Walking Tour

a person holding a cell phone

So, you’re going to Venice and have decided to opt for self-guided tours rather than putting up with super tedious, super slow guided tours? Good idea! But with a myriad of unforgettable things to see and do in Venice, what’s the best way to approach your self-guided tour? This post will give you some ideas…

Best Venice Self-Guided Walking Tours

a person walking down a city street

When we say everyone has to visit Venice at least once in their lives, we know it’s true. And everyone who has visited Venice knows they would like to go back and see it again. The amount of stuff to see, crammed together in a city which is itself a must-see tourist attraction, make Venice…