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Collegium Ducale Orchestra Concert

Experience live music in Prisoners Palace Concert Hall!

Quick Details

Adult (Ages 19-65)
Young (Ages 0-18)
Senior (Ages 66+)

Discover This Beautiful Venice Orchestra

Collegium Ducale Orchestra: This orchestra brings together in one group, musicians from the best orchestras of Veneto. The ensemble is prepared to execute a repertoire ranging from the Baroque to twentieth-century music. Well-known soloists contribute both to the whole of the performance and as featured virtuosos.

The Opera Singers’ concert provides a special evening reminiscent of the height of Venetian culture!

“Opera Singers” perform the most important Italian opera singers accompanied by the piano. Their repertoire ranges through various eras, from Mozart to Rossini… A unique event in the fantastic atmosphere of Prisons’ Palace.

The orchestra is actively involved in the research and study of technique, with the aim of offering to the public a performance of pieces based on the interpretative spirit of the period they date from. The orchestra has been performing in Venice since 1993 with the most important concert season referred to by the title: “Venice and Europe: music beyond history.”

Collegium Ducale Orchestral Concert aims to bring a revival experience of the sound of some of the prestigious instruments, in settings charged with history and passion. That is how the baroque music and Vivaldi’s notes come back together in a fascinating location, such as Prisons’ Palace in front of Doge’s Palace, the true heart of Venice.