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Murano & Burano islands: the gems of the lagoon

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Adult (Ages 6+)
Child (Ages 3-5)
Infant (Ages 0-2)

The marvelous Venice islands

Murano and Burano are known as the gems of the lagoon due to their beauty and history: enjoy a half-day excursion with guide, along the Venice islands.Glass making

First stop is the worldwide famous Murano, the center of the glassblowing art. Enjoy the visit to an authentic Murano factory where admire an amazing demonstration: local craftsman creates unique glass items following the ancient Murano techniques. At the end you can buy also come souvenir on the spot!

The second stop is the picturesque island of Burano, famous for the lace workmanship and for its stunning bright-colored fishermen’s houses. Take a walk through the colorful ‘calli’ (the Venetian way to say ‘streets’) and admire the ladies embroidering elegant lace creations at every corner.

You will spend most of the time on Burano’s island (the most charming one) having the time for a quick lunch in one of its romantic spots.

On board there will be a live guide providing commentary about the lagoon and its islands.