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Naples Pizza: how to prepare the real Italian Pizza

Quick Details

Person (All Ages)

Discover and prepare the real Italian Pizza with a famous chef directly at your home

Let’s start a journey through the secrets of Naples cuisine to discover how to prepare a real “Pizza Napoletana”. Napoli (Naples) is the birthplace of the pizza where it was created centuries ago and now it’s became the most famous Italian dish.

During the experience, the expert pizza chef will show the traditional techniques to make the pizza, starting from the dough until the seasonings, following exactly the style of the Neapolitans.

Before to the live session, the chef will send you a short video with the instructions to prepare the dough. Prepare it and then start the lesson at 7:00 PM.

Gabriele will show you how to roll out the dough and create different types of pizza, then you will discover the secrets to obtain yummy sauces: prepare the famous Italian Tomato with Mozzarella cheese sauce and other Neapolitans dressing.

You will do the Pizza exactly as in Naples do, following the tradition. You will live the experience as if you were in an authentic “Pizzeria of Naples”. Enjoy the cooking lesson by famous Italian chef comfortably from your home.