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NEW 3D Discover Venice in the past

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Person (All Ages)

Discover the history of Venice like never before

A new-entry fresh experience to live the city. See Venice in different centuries of the past time using Virtual Reality Experience!

What was Venice like in the past? Sometimes people mistakenly thing that Venice hasn’t changed that much over the centuries. With us you can discover, however, that Venice has not always been as we see it today or as it is in the portraits of famous artists..

Imagine walking around Saint Mark’s Square in the Middle Ages meeting people from that period, quasi interacting with them, looking how the most beautiful in the world Piazza changes taking new guise along the centuries!

Feel yourself as a Nobleman in gondola on the Grand Canal to admire the sun going down under the shining lights. The Grand Canal hugs more than 200 palaces and every single building has an incredible architectural and legendary history.

The original Rialto Bridge was made in wood, and it was a drawbridge! Unbelievable! Just download the App and enjoy this out-of-ordinary experience!