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Live Tiramisu Cooking Class With Italian Chef at home

Quick Details

Buy one & play up 4 persons!

Prepare Tiramisu at Home – Buy one & play up 4 persons!

Take the ingredients and follow the lesson. Gabriele will follow you in every step of the cooking-class.
An unmissable chance to learn the preparation of the most famous Italian cake! In the 1-hour lesson you can see the different phases and the techniques to achieve a yummy cake to serve to your friends!

You’ll enjoy also the explanation of the match between the Tirsamisu and the Italian sweet wine.

Reserve your place and you’ll receive the link to connect to the lesson. Comfortably at your home you’ll enjoy the cooking lesson by a famous pastry chef.

Choose the best option you:

  • Option FOOD PACKAGE: Get the ingredients at home: Mascarpone Italian Cheese, white Sugar, Italian Savoyard, cacao dust and Italian coffee.
    All those are prepared by “Dillettamisu” an Italian company born from Diletta Scandiuzzi, the Tiramisu World Champion. The company is specialized in products bases on the famous Italian Mascarpone cream.
    This option costs: € 75 or € 85 If you add a bottle of wine.
  • Option without original ingredients box: If you’ve already the ingredients you can join to the lesson without the food package. You’ll need the following ingredients: Mascarpone, white sugar, Italian Savoyard, chocolate, black coffe (Americano). The price is only € 30.We suggest using the high-quality products, in the ingredients box, to ensure the success of the class.

You will receive at home a box with the ingredients up to 4 pax!

  • When: every day at 7:30 PM
  • Languages: English and Italian (the class could be bilingual)
  • Time to deliver the box: 6 days