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Italian Chef Prepares Lasagne At Your Home

All ages welcome | Max 4 people per connection!

Quick Details

Option with food package Buy one play until 4 people!
Option with food package and wine Ingredients and one bottle of Italian wine included | Buy one play up 4 persons!
Option without food package Only connection without Food Package| Buy one & play up to 4 persons

Gabriele, a famous Italian chef, will help you to prepare the famous Italian Lasagna with Bolognese sauce directly at your home!

Make your dinner unforgettable following the chef during the engaging cooking class where you can talk and interact with him as if you were in his kitchen.

You’ll receive all the ingredients directly at home!

Discover the secrets to make a traditional Lasagna with fresh pasta, besciamella and a yummy Bolognese sauce.

Gabriele will show you all the phases explaining the history behind this worldwide famous dish.

You will receive a box with ingredients (for 4 persons) so, take the ingredients and let Gabriele be your guide! If you want the box you must book 7 days in advance (the delivery time is 7 days)

At the end you will enjoy also the explanation of the match between the wine and the Lasagna. You can join also last minute without the food package  if you’ve already all the ingredients, but we suggest using the high-quality products, in the ingredients box, to ensure the success of the class.

Choose the option with the wine if you want the food package with a bottle of Italian wine

Reserve the place with your friends and enjoy the class all together. Your dinner will be unforgettable.

Comfortably at your home you’ll enjoy the cooking lesson by the Italian chef

  • When: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:00 PM ITALY TIME.
  • Time to deliver: 7 days