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Live Carnival Mask Workshop at Home

Quick Details

Person (Buy one & play up to 2 persons!) Price includes two masks

Make a Carnival Mask at Home – Buy one  & play in 2!

Giorgio, the mask master, will help to create your carnival mask directly at your home!
Take your brush and follow the advices of the master that will help you step by step during the workshop.

Enjoy the amazing online lesson with Giorgio that make a 1-hour class explaining history and secrets of the Venetian Carnival Mask and their use in the past.

After the short introduction, you will start to paint your mask following the instructions of the master in order to create a unique mask personalized in according to your wishes.

You will receive at home 2 white masks to be painted during the lesson.

It’s a lesson where you can talk and discuss with the mask masters as you were in their workshop in Venice!