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Live Wine Tasting With Italian Sommelier At Home

Quick Details

Buy one & play up 5 persons!

Wine Tasting at Home

An Italian sommelier will make a professional wine tasting directly at your home!

Open your sparkling wine bottles and follow the instruction of the wine expert, he will follow you step by step explaining the best way to attend a professional wine tasting.
During the lesson he’ll provide you history and curiosities about the Italian wine and its famous winery spread all around the country.

You will receive a box with 3  bottles of sparkling wine and some yummy finger food to use during the web lesson where the focus will be on the “Prosecco” the famous sparkling wine from the norther Italy.
Indeed, the sommelier has 20-years of experience and would love to share its passion with you.

You can interact and talk with the sommerlier as you were in his wine bar in Venice.

Take your best glass, call your friends and reserve the place for a unique wine tasting to enjoy all together! Comfortably at your home you’ll enjoy a professional wine tasting by an Italian sommelier.

  • When: every day at 7:30 PM.