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Charming Gondola ride & the Golden Basilica (skip the line)

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Adult (Ages 6+)
Child (Ages 3-5)
Infant (Ages 0-2)

Breathtaking Gondola Ride and Golden Basilica tour

Gondola ride

Fascinating gondola ride along the Canal Grande and its picturesque waterways and romantic corners reachable only by gondola! During the charming ride you will admire the Mozart House, the worldwide La Fenice Theatre, Rio (Canal) “De le Ostreghe” until the most beautiful part of the Canal Grande, where you will admire the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Salute Church, Punta della Dogana and, at the end you will be stunned in front the breathtaking view of the St. Mark’s Basin!

The Golden Basilica

After the gondola ride you will visit the St. Mark’s Basilica! Enjoy a full guided visit the Golden Cathedral, unique of its kind in Italy. Cherish the stunning gold mosaics and marble inlays of the floors, sitting comfortably while the guide will show you the represented biblical scenes, the history and the particularities of this ancient Basilica.

St Mark's Basilica