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Historical Walking Tour of Venice

The Essential Guided Walking Tour of Venice!

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Adult (Ages 6+)
Child (Ages 0-5)

Take a Walking Tour Through Historical Venice city

A morning walking tour to live the real soul of Venice! 
The specialized guide starts the experience in the breathtaking St. Mark’s Square where you will admire the Palazzo Ducale, The Golden Basilica, Bell-tower and much more! Then you will enter in the labyrinth of “calli” (venetian narrow streets) discovering some of the most important points of interest as Santa Maria Formosa square, the Teatro Malibran, the Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo, known as the Venetian Pantheon and the famous “Mercerie” (shopping street). The last point (but not the least) is Rialto Bridge with its traditional markets and San Giacometto Church: the first one of Venice (dates about 1000 A.C.). The Rialto area was the main commercial center of Venice Republic where merchants from all over the world, traded their exotic goods. The guide will narrate the amazing history and curiosities of the city and the monuments around you to you. 

An unforgettable experience to learn history and legends about this incredible and unique city.