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Palazzo Ducale & Golden Basilica guided tour

Discover San Marco Square!

Quick Details

Adult (Ages 15+)
Young (Ages 6-14)
Child (Ages 0-5)

Guided tour of The Doge’s Palace and the marvelous Golden Basilica!

Before the tour you will receive a QR code to download a 3D App on your mobile phone where you will see Venice in different centuries of the past time, from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, through Virtual Reality Experience.

Then, a professional local guide will accompany you to the Doge’s Palace with its marvelous rooms, rich of history and incredible masterpieces made by great artists as Tiepolo and admire the Golden staircase: the main entrance for the halls of power where the Doge decided the fate of the Republic! Cross the Bridge of Sighs going down to the dark Venetian prisons, where many important figures were imprisoned, including Casanova.Absolute Venice Tour

Head to the Saint Mark’s Basilica: the five-dome Cathedral known also as the Golden Basilica due to the interior completely covered by mosaics made with pure gold! The guide will escort you in this byzantine masterpiece and will teach you its history and the meaning of the many biblical scenes that decorate the church.

Visit the Basilica’s Terrace with the copies of the famous horses. From this spectacular location admire the most beautiful view of heart of Venice: St. Mark’s Square.

Discover St. Mark’s Museum where to admire objects of various kinds and origins belonging to the Basilica, including the quadriga of St. Mark’s, the famous horses, moved from its original in the terrace after the last restoration.

With this special ticket you can visit by yourself the palaces around St. Mark’s Square: (Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale and Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana).