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The Golden Basilica – Guided tour

Discover San Marco Square!

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Person (Ages 6+)
31 28.80
Child (Ages 0-6)

Complete visit of the Saint Mark’s Basilica

Enjoy a marvelous 1-hour visit inside the Golden Basilica: famous for its five-domes covered by gold and the uncountable art masterpieces inside. The expert guide will accompany along its secular history narrating curiosities and legends around the Church! Be stunned in front of the Pala D’oro: stunning altar full of gems and precious stones, a Treasury of religious art collected along the centuries.

The Basilica is the perfect synthesis of Venetian art and a unique blend of Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic elements with the Five Oriental-looking domes crown.

For a part of the visit you listen to the guide comfortably seated in the middle of the Cathedral.

At the end of your activity you will have the opportunity to do the free optional tour the Glass Craftsman Demonstration visiting a Glass Factory very close to Saint Mark’s square (20 minutes tour). Please follow the instruction that our staff will provide to you locally.