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Venice: 1600 years of secrets, mysteries and hidden treasures to discover

The Essential Guided Walking Tour of Venice!

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Adult (Ages 2+)
Child (Ages 0-1)

Take a Walking Tour Through Historical Venice city

A wonderful journey through the history of Venice in the 1600 years since its foundation.

We will accompany you through calli, campi and palazzi in an exciting journey through the secrets of Casanova, discover the treasures stolen from Constantinople, the relations with the East and the legend of San Marco. We will unveil the many mysteries about Marco Polo and the Silk Road and many other things that will leave you speechless as you discover how much our daily life has been influenced by the Venetians.

To complete the experience, we will show you, with an application that you can download on your cell phone, the reconstruction of how Venice was in its early days, how the Doge’s Palace looked, the Rialto bridge when it was still made of wood and discover many other secrets.