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Romantic Private Gondola Ride

Quick Details

Private Group Day Ride (All Ages - Up to 5 people)
Private Group Night Ride (All Ages - Up to 5 people)

Experience Venice on a private Gondola

Try this romantic private gondola ride in Venice if you want to feel like a Venetian Noble! Gondola was the usual mean of transport during the Republic Golden Age. It was so important that from the richness of the boat it was possible to detect the wealth of its owner and its social status.

Join the gondola at your disposal and ride along the Grand Canal. Look at the palaces reflecting on the canals, creating a startling play of light, it is an unforgettable experience.

Comfortably seated during your private gondola ride you will see the Accademia Bridge and many palaces that make the Grand Canal the most amazing waterway in the world. The ride will then continue along small picturesque canals. Among the many attractions, you will admire the famous Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Grassi or Ca’ Rezzonico Palace!

A private gondola ride in Venice is a captivating and relaxing experience to enjoy the city and its canals!