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Lagoon Islands Self-Guided Tour

Discover the islands of the Venetian Lagoon through our mobile app guide!

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More About Your Venetian Lagoon Tour

Use our helpful mobile app to enjoy a self-guided tour of the Venetian lagoon! You can see the lagoon at your own pace by guiding yourself using the program on your phone. Below are just a few of the amazing sites you’ll see on this exciting full-day adventure.

Discover the Venetian lagoon with its rich history and traditions! Thanks to the self-guided tour from your smartphone, you will learn a lot of curiosities about the Burano laces and its multicolor houses, the world-famous glass art of Murano, and Torcello (with only 6 residents), the origin of the Venice Republic.

  • Murano, the glass island
  • Burano, the fishermen and laces island
  • Torcello, where everything began
  • To reach the island you should take the public boat; that is the easiest way.
  • The whole experience should take approximately eight hours; we suggest you stop for lunch in Murano or Burano.