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The ancient feast of the “Sensa”

The history of the feast It was the day of the Ascension in 997 when Doge Pietro Orseolo set sail against Istria and Dalmatia, conquering them. To commemorate this fortunate feat, which ensured the Doge the title of Duke of Dalmatia, the most solemn of the Venetian feasts was established, the famous Ascension DaySensa in Venetian. This feast acquired greater pomp and solemnity after Alexander III, Pontiff, both for the…

The Bucintoro: the golden ship

On the origin of the name many pages have been spent, we report here that of Prof. Siega“Dictionary of the Veneto lexicon etymologically and curiously commented” Finegil editorial, which seems to us the most accredited; the name would derive from Buzon, Bonzonus which stood for navis; Buzon d’oro or golden ship from here became the Bucintoro….

Burano “Bussolà” and The Remiera and the Voga Veneta

Burano “Bussolà” Among Burano’s traditionsfood is definitely up there, and at the top of that list are the Bussolà, the buranese biscuits. You will find countless shops selling them in all sorts of shapes and sizes; nowadays they cater for any particular flavour too, from limoncellochocolate chip, and coconut, to raisin, cream and apple. The bussolà were first invented in their plain buttery…