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merchant of venice

Campo delle Beccarie, San Giovanni Elemosinario and San Giacometto

Campo delle Beccarie Campo delle Beccarie, this is one of the many parts of the Rialto market, the economic force of the Venetian Republic, a little like one might think of Wall Street in New York today; it was the area where butchers came to collect, cut and sell their meat. “Bechèr” is in fact Venetian…


San Geremia The church of San Geremia currently hosts the body of Santa Lucia, after the church dedicated to her was destroyed to make room for the train station. The square became a popular venue for the bull-chase, which was introduced by the Spanish ambassador, who lived only a few steps from here. The big…

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, Campiello dell’Anconeta and Campo della Maddalena

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo This is Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, the main square of the Jewish areaGhetto, like many international words, is a Venetian word, from the verb ‘gettare’, meaning to “cast iron”, as in the Middle-ages this area was in fact the city’s main iron-foundry. Established in the early 16th century as the first ghetto in the world, it marked the first time in history…

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