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rialto market

Campo delle Beccarie, San Giovanni Elemosinario and San Giacometto

Campo delle Beccarie Campo delle Beccarie, this is one of the many parts of the Rialto market, the economic force of the Venetian Republic, a little like one might think of Wall Street in New York today; it was the area where butchers came to collect, cut and sell their meat. “Bechèr” is in fact Venetian…

Erbaria and Pescheria

Erbaria This empty space giving onto the Grand Canal is the Erbaria, which is Venetian for Herbs Store. This part of the Rialto market would have been full of stalls selling all sorts of herbsvegetables and fruits. Today the Erbaria is a popular hang-out spot where young people meet for an aperitivo in the evening. Before moving on, on the wall above the bar facing…

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