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The Carnival Concert

Vivaldi & Baroque music in St.Mark's Square

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Adult (Ages 19-65)
Child (Ages 0-18)
Senior (Ages 66+)

Enjoy the Venice Carnival with a fascinating classical music concert, just in St. Mark’s Square!

Collegium Ducal Orchestra will revive the ancient Baroque atmosphere playing masterfully the Four Seasons of Vivaldi and the Divertimento of strings and wind by Mozart!
Venice is and has been always celebrated for its music, characteristic element of the city and its theatres.
The concert recreates the fabulous atmosphere of the ancient Carnivals where the venetian nobles enjoyed the carnivalesque nights listening to classical music played by the best Italian musicians!
The orchestra performs in a fascinating location: the hall of Prisons’ Palace: a part of Ducal Palace linked by the famous Bridge of whispers.

This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities