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Watercolors in Venice: Painting Class with Famous Artist

Quick Details

Person (All Ages)

Be an Artist for a day!

A famous Venetian painter (Nicola Tenderini) will escort you through the most romantic corners of Venice teaching you how to paint its marvelous landscapes and spots.

Meet the artist at his workshop and after a small presentation about his artistic life and the experience he will bring you on the place (chosen at the moment), where you will start to create your personal artwork!

The first step will be the study of the sketch, the essential starting point for a good painting. Later you will pass to the color, discovering how the light is a color as well, its wonderful effects to your painting.

During the lesson the teacher will be next to you to show and explain the secrets to obtain the best pictorial effects as the water reflection, colors shade between clouds and sky or the details of lights and shadows using the great technic of watercolors.

Each participant will create own personal artwork.

You will admire the spectacular landscapes of Venice creating your personal artwork.

Lesson are suitable both for beginner and experts and to everyone who wishes painting or drawing live “en plein air” discovering the techniques of watercolor.

Let you guide by the expert artist teacher and you will see the most secret and hidden part of Venice!