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Yummy Cooking Class In Venice

Discover and prepare the typical Venetian dishes in a professional cooking class with a winning-award chef!

Quick Details

Adult (Ages 11+)

Discover Venetian flavors like never before!

Your professional Chef Carolyn will welcome you in her cozy house to prepare a delicious meal. (1 main course with dessert with Venetian wine and coffee).

During the lesson, you will learn how to make traditional Venetian dishes: you will prepare hand-made fresh pasta, following the Italian style of pasta-making.  The main dish will be “Italian ravioli” filled with meat or fish and a yummy sauce made with seasonal vegetables (as artichokes, tomatoes or potatoes from the lagoon island).

You and chef Carolyn will use only fresh and local products, and they are bought from the famous Venetian markets as the Rialto one (the ancient marketplace of Venice). A real meal cannot end without a delicious cake. So, you will become a patisserie chef and prepare a crème patisserie to put on some sweet local cookies!

When everything is ready, you can sit and enjoy the meal in the living room and chat over a glass of Italian wine with Carolyn!

Carolyn was born in California but lives in Venice for 30 years. She works as chef since at least 20 years and she has won a lot of awards in Italy and abroad. Since few years, she decided to share her love for the cuisine with you and teach how to prepare the traditional Italian dishes.

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